Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About Huntsville Event Photographer

I am a local photographer from the Huntsville area specializing in off camera flash photography. WHY OFF CAMERA FLASH? Where does light come from? From the sun above, from the side through a window or at sunrise and sunset, off the water of a lake or pond. Light comes from everywhere except the fronts of our heads. Why would anyone put a flash on a camera? On camera flash is the equivalent of wearing a head lamp. This is the most unnatural form of light and why many people think flash photography looks so bad.

My 30th Birthday cook out

Notice this photo! Where is the light coming from? The left side of the subjects face. The camera is viewing the subject from the right. This light looks natural and crisp. If you have hired a professional photographer who is running around with a flash on top of the camera, stop and give me a call. On camera flash is for consumers and amateurs. If you are paying money for your photos, demand higher standards.

Day 73 - Night Out with Ginger

Here is a shot of my dog Ginger using off camera flash; why not just use ambient light? Without the flash this exposure would have been several seconds long and would have serious motion blur. Try getting kids to stand still indoors for even an 1/8th of a second to get a shot without using the flash, IMPOSSIBLE! Flash photography allows for faster shutter speeds and stops motion. Life is not stationary and demands the kind of light that you can only get from great off camera flash.


Notice this photo! No red eyes no over manipulation from Photoshop or other photo editing software, just a great classic looking portrait. If you are considering hiring a pro photographer; ask about off camera flash. If the photographer doesn't know what off camera flash or stobist photography is, find someone else. If a photographer say " I only shoot available light", this translate to "I DON'T UNDERSTAND LIGHT." If a photographer says, "I'll fix it in post", or "I photoshop it", this translates into, "I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING" and " I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING."

Day - 88 Good Morning

Off camera lighting is everywhere. Look at the cover of GLAMOUR magazine. How do they get those stunning photos? Is it Photoshop magic? Is it simply the price of the camera used? No, it is off camera flash. Open ESPN magazine, how do they get those amazing action shots at basketball games? With high powered strobes strategically placed outside the court. Don't believe me? Next time you watch basketball, watch for the press stobes firing and you will see for yourself.


Off camera flash allows you to have studio quality light anywhere, and I don't mean boring Olen Mills Portraits. I am talking about beautiful glamorous light that will impress your friends and family.

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